Why do I have a personal URL?


I’ve been down the rabbit hole of a lot of social networks, but I’ve decided that using each as a surrogate “get to know me” is driving me in circles. Not a single social website lets me do everything I want when I’m online. A blog is pretty close to what I’d like, but it doesn’t let me categorize the parts of me like I want. I’m a writer, artist, musician, and architecture student. I want these facets to work together cleverly. (But not complicatedly.)

I hope this website can help me create more expressively. But furthermore, I’d like it to be a “home base” when I’m hopping on the social web. Instead of relying separately on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and a half-dozen others for sharing (and having to remember which parts of me I’ve put where), it’s all more or less cataloged here.

I also really wanted to get in on that “dragonviola” domain. Victory!


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